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summer necessity: s'mores

food, lifestyle, photographyAnna KellerComment

no summer evening is complete without a bonfire and all of the fixings for s'mores.  I remember once meeting someone who had no idea what s'mores were.  how could you grow up without once toasting a perfectly white and fluffy marshmallow over the glowing embers of a fire?  sitting just a little too close to the heat, watching your marshmallow turn from a pristine white to a perfect golden-brown, making sure you catch it before it goes up in flames and it's covered in a sooty black jacket.  I know that some people prefer to burn it in just this way and then peel off the carbonated layer to reveal a gooey and warm center.  not for me, though.  I like it to be just warmed enough to melt the little rectangle of milk chocolate, the 2 flavors nestled between crunchy graham cracker squares.

I'd also recommend pairing this campfire treat with a mason jar of a fizzy white chilled wine.  it makes the whole ordeal seem a little more grown-up, although you're still allowed to chase fireflies and to search for the big dipper before the mosquitoes drive you to the safety of the indoors.