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happy 4th of July!  I watched the Burlington fireworks last night, but other than that I've had an untraditional holiday and used my day off to make some more progress in my apartment.

I started the morning off witha big bowl of cherries.  these are always on sale at the supermarket this time of year, but when I buy a bag they still cost $7.  at least they taste good enough to eat with every meal!

after the fireworks last night I went through some of my favorite magazine tears that I've kept in a folder the past few years and put them in frames that I bought at Christmas Tree Shop for $2 each.  if you've been reading this blog for a while you'll have noticed that I'm kind of obsessed with collages, and I'm probably going to put together more artwork like this on a gallery wall in my apartment.

I also painted an accent wall on the window-side of my apartment.  it's a light grey and I'm already kind of obsessed with it.  I did the whole thing with a 1 1/2" brush which took a long time but made for very little mess and I had almost nothing to clean up compared to what I would've had to do if I'd used a roller.  it took alllll day to do but I did it while watching Somewhere and Midnight in Paris, 2 of my absolute favorite movies.  I even had time to watch the bonus features for Somewhere, which of course were as beautiful and interesting as anything Sofia does.

my bathroom is currently my favorite room.  I picked up this piece of art for $12 at Homegoods.  it reminds me of Garance Doré's work and the color scheme is just right for this space.

I hope you had a wonderful day off from work!  go enjoy some fireworks and drink a delicious beverage or two!