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insideAnna Keller1 Comment

last Thursday I took the day off from work and drove down to the Ikea by Boston in my mom's super sketchy van (like, it has 2 seats and no sound system).  I had some specific pieces in mind, and I sped through that huge store as a girl on a very important mission: furnish my apartment as chicly and cheaply as possible.  a loveseat, book shelf, bureau, small chair, coffee table, lamp, and a few other odds and ends later, I think I accomplished my goal.  I was so excited about it all that even after 10 hours of driving, I coerced my sister into helping me haul everything up to my 3rd floor apartment and then I stayed up until the wee hours putting it all together by myself.  crazy, I know, but I have a hard time waiting for some things.  instant gratification all the way.

I've been adding to these bases with a vibrant blue rug and ikat pillows from Homegoods (my saving grace since there is NO TARGET IN VERMONT), and this space is seriously starting to feel like my home.

now, who wants to pay off my credit card bill this month?