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a celebration

Anna KellerComment

on Saturday, Switchback Brewery celebrated its 10th anniversary.  if you don't drink in the state of Vermont, this probably doesn't mean much to you.  if you are a brew-loving Vermonter, you understand how huge this day was.

Switchback has only been available by the keg for years, which meant that I've only enjoyed it for $5 a draft at bars.  however, they have decided to bottle their signature brew and are adding 3 new beers to their lineup.  my ticket to the festivities gave me 3 8 oz beers, 1 food item, a brewery tour, and a surprise gift to take home.  the tour I went on was actually given by the cofounders, two guys who are crazy passionate about this beer that so many locals love.  1500 tickets were sold to the event, and it was awesome to see such a crowd turn out to support a local business.  the surprise gift was a free bottled pint which I enjoyed with pizza later that evening.  it was a wonderful day to celebrate a wonderful event.