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the view from my couch on a saturday morning

Anna KellerComment

last weekend I curled up on my couch and watched the entire season of Gallery Girls.  is anyone else obsessed with that show?  maybe I can just relate to their internship drama especially well, but they are also just exactly like many girls I know, struggling to pay rent in Brooklyn while chain smoking and wearing red lipstick and all black ensembles.  I have a hard time with the ignorant trust fund bitches on the show, though; they also remind me of some girls that I know but am a little less fond of.  maybe I'm mostly really envious of them all while they are going for their dreams.  I feel a tiny bit stuck up here in Vermont, far away from chic art parties and boys with hipster haircuts who ride the subway home after a night of drinking whiskey at a dirty dive bar.

here is what I saw as I spent several precious hours in my PJs.  I'm really glad that my cat also has a healthy appreciation for Bravo programming and watched it all with me.