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style crush: leigh lezark

Anna KellerComment

Leigh Lezark is the kind of girl that pops up in the first few pages of Vogue.  she's in the party snaps, posing with editors, looking devilishly chic.  she's a DJ, a brand ambassador for Chanel, and the perfect combination of edgy, sleek, cool, and chic that I can't help but have a massive girl/style crush on her.  she was definitely my main source of inspiration back in the day when I had a short dark bob of my own, but alas, I could not be a slave to the straightener for long, no matter how nicely it paired with a leather motorcycle jacket.

the Coveteur obviously feels the same way and did a shoot in her fabulously cluttered apartment.  I bet she's a whisky on the rocks kind of girl.