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on the weekend

Anna KellerComment

I feel like I look forward to the weekend with all of my heart during the week, and then on Sunday night I'm wondering exactly what I did.

on Saturday morning, I slept in, and then met up with one of my BFFs from high school who was in town for the weekend.  even though she is deathly allergic to cats, she popped into my apartment to meet my furry little friend Cricket.  we went to brunch at Magnolia's, one of my favorite eateries in all of Burlington.  I made two important discoveries that morning: 1) I am a savory brunch kind of person at this point in my life.  the apple walnut french toast that I had was tasty but left me feeling a little unsatisfied. all I wanted was a seitan Philly after that. 2) I am not a huge Bloody Mary fan.  I think I'll stick with mimosas in the future for my morning drinking.

after wandering through TJ Maxx and Homegoods for the billionth time this month, I came home and immediately took a nap.  my cat is the worst influence on me.  as soon as she sees me laying down, she curls up right on top of me and we could just snooze away the whole afternoon, all cuddly and warm.  after another 10 hours of sleep last night, I wish I could say I don't want to nap again right now. 

this morning I tried one of the teas that I picked up yesterday at TJ Maxx (only $3!) and am just staring at the mess of a to-do list that I created for myself last night.  now it's almost noon and I am nowhere close to getting dressed, or doing anything on this list. instead, my head is spinning with bank account information and hoping that I haven't forgotten to pay any of my loan bills so far this month. who expects a 23 year old to suddenly become a financial maven?  that's what I want to know.

I'm also pretending that Halloween isn't a real thing this year since I don't have any plans or costumes planned.  I think I got really Halloweened out during college.  I used to have to deal with 1 theme party a week, and after a few years of that, I kind of want to avoid every drunk kid in a wig for the rest of my life.

happy weekend!