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what to pack for Paris?

styleAnna KellerComment

packing can be difficult, especially if it's for a week or a little more.  there are so many items that you could need.  what if your shoes hurt your feet or the sole falls off in the middle of a cobblestone street?  is one fancy outfit enough?  how many sets of pjs do you need?  what if the weather is all over the place?

luckily, I got pretty good at packing last year when I was wandering all over Europe.  for my two week adventure I managed to fit my life into one small rolling bag and purse.  and I think that Paris is pretty accepting if you decide to wear the same pair of black jeans 4 days in a row or if your hair hasn't been washed in 3 days.  isn't that just part of the je ne sais quois that Parisian style is all about?

it's easiest to just pack a bunch of your favorite things that all easily mix and match and are perfect for layering.  when I think of Paris, all I want to wear are flat riding boots, black jeans, a navy polka dot blouse, black cardigan, a slouchy grey hat, and a black wool jacket to top it all off.  I'll stuff my leopard prints scarf in my black purse along with my Canon Rebel and a tube of red lipstick.  easy, right?  and these are all things I already have (and may have purchased at Zara the last time I was in France) and I know that I'll be comfortable, warm, and hopefully my American-ness won't stick out like a sore thumb.

and, non, exercise clothes are NOT on my list.  I plan to walk off the pounds of macarons & baguettes by wandering around the Louvre, thank you very much.

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