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the louvre

Anna KellerComment

if you read my travel blog while I was studying abroad last year, you know that I was totally fine with the size of the mona lisa.  not too big, not too small.  just right.  who says a masterpiece needs to take up an entire gallery wall?  

she was pretty much the same upon this visit.  subtly smiling as the whole room snapped pictures of her.  I think that too many people only know how to view art through another, simpler lens.  I watched this guy spend 3 whole minutes taking pictures of a seemingly innocuous Renaissance era painting.  maybe he knew something I didn't, or maybe he was doing this to one painting in every room.  either way, it made me wonder if a museum is a place where cameras should be allowed.  does having a viewfinder ruin the viewing experience?

we were also distracted in one of the galleries by the loud thumpings of a man who was supposed to be painting a painting of one of the paintings.  oddly, it didn't look like he ever actually put new paint on the almost completed piece.  there was a small crowd of people photographing this anonymous, slightly disruptive man.  a statement on the modern interpretation of art?