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watch: GIRLS, season 2 trailer

Anna Keller1 Comment

I hope you're as obsessed with the HBO cringe-worthy-because-it's-so-spot-on-comedic-drama Girls as I am.  I can't wait for it's 1/13/13 season 2 debut, mostly because I need the validation it provides that I am not the only 20-something girl who has a habit of meeting the strangest guys, goes to art openings for the wine and excuse to wear red lipstick, has an unhealthy relationship with my iPhone, and has a life that would make my parents very uncomfortable if I were to release a tell-all memoir.  Hannah has replaced Carrie as the most relatable New Yorker on cable TV  and I can't wait to watch the new season via a ripped URL while sitting in my bathtub, eating a cupcake, and drinking too much wine.  it's really how it must be done.