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read: Erin Wasson's interview on ITG

Anna KellerComment

I have a massive girl crush on Erin Wasson.  with a total 'I don't care how I look but I'm still hot shit' appearance, dozens of tiny tattoos, and the ability to wear anything with cut-off jeans and motorcycle boots, I think she is the absolute coolest.  I nearly flipped shit when I was reading her interview on Into the Gloss.  she says like 23 epic things.  I think I need her as my life coach.

You know, my whole thing is being a conduit of creativity. It sounds totally esoteric and hippie, but the more things that you can do to challenge yourself, test yourself, and find a new medium of creativity…I’m all about it.
It’s really unfortunate that women feel…that we have this desire to covet things that might personify something we’re trying to gain access to. But it’s like, you can’t get the access to it without the experience, itself. So, if you’re into some trendy-ass print, then figure out what the nucleus of it is and maybe go visit the country, instead of being like, ‘Oh I spent 12 grand on this piece.’
I think that we look at ourselves too much, and we try too many fucking products that agitate and aggravate our skin, and that’s sort of what’s dooming us.
I started getting tattoos when I was 17. I don’t have a grand plan with my tattoos, never. I’m the girl who just thinks up something as I’m walk into a tattoo parlor and I’m getting it an hour later. I believe in ornamentation of the body… I believe if you feel it, you should just do it. Don’t overanalyze anything in life too much—you’ll make yourself crazy.

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