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n. a luncheon or supper buffet offering a variety of foods and dishes

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while a smörgåsbord is originally a Scandinavian concept, we embraced a medley of foods during our time in Paris over Thanksgiving.  sure, we had crepes and baguette pretty much daily, but we also embraced the variety of cuisines that you find when traveling in one of the most cultured cities in the world.

we ended up eating a few lunches on makeshift seats on the side of roads.  we were starving and stumbled upon the Christmas Festival right by the Place de la Concorde.  we were way too hungry to try and find seats, so I ate my goat cheese baguette perched on a barricade along the seat.  I also got my brother to try his french fries dipped in mayo.  it was NOT Hellman's and he was pleasantly surprised with how delicious they were.

my brother was also upset that the French have not really embraced take-away as a suitable way to enjoy Chinese food.  we ended up at the cutest little place by Place de Clichy where we all got a large entree, appetizer, and beverage for less than 10 euro.  it wasn't greasy or brown like the cheap Chinese that I'm used to from the States either.  

can we discuss how brilliant prix fixe meals are?  sometimes I ended up eating more than I needed to (that delicious Korean meal was eaten just an hour after an eggy breakfast) but having 3 courses allowed you to sample more kinds of food in smaller portions than just an entree would allow.  

one night we decided to have some fun in the little kitchen of our apartment (which I found on Air BnB and would HIGHLY recommend) and my sister organized a 4 course french meal, complete with plenty of wine, baguette, and 2 different types of dessert.  half the fun of cooking in a foreign country is maneuvering around a foreign grocery store, and we were lucky to have my sister to guide us through the many aisles of Monoprix.

so there you have it -- 4 random, delicious, and very different meals, all eaten in Paris.  I never got to try fondue or quiche, but that means I still have plenty of reasons to return to that lovely & tasty city.