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that time of year

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as the holiday season pounced on me this year, I was presented with a totally new conundrum: how do you celebrate the season when you're the only only one at home?

every other year of my life, I've had family or roommates to help with the holiday decor.  when it's just me, I start to think that it's rather silly to wind garland around my banister or to put snow decals on my window.  my Christmas Tree Shop bill could potentially dip into my wine fund, and that's not something I want to deal with.

I do appreciate some good holiday cheer, especially after spending last Christmas season in Copenhagen, where hygge is a way of life and everyone is intent on being cozy and happy with Christmas lights that have been up since mid-October.  but as a single lady living in a studio apartment, how far should I go?  where's the line between Scrooge and Santa's helper?

my mom did lend me her retro faux-tree for the season, and my little furry friend spent quite some time today trying to eat it. it's probably in my (and her) best interest to keep the holiday decorations simple and to focus on the real meaning of holiday...and going nuts on the tree at my mom's house.