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the summer of love

Anna KellerComment

43 years ago, the greatest event in the history of rock & roll was just kicking off.

before coachella, bonnaroo, lollapalooza, and any of the other overpriced festivals that are heavily attended by models, celebrities, and anyone who can afford a $300+ ticket was the original music festival: Woodstock. 

when the tickets sold out for the festival, there was still a line miles long of hippies, young adults, free thinkers, and music lovers of all ages waiting to hear Hendrix, drop acid, and dance in the mud.  instead of closing the gates, the festival became a free event, open to all.

it is my biggest & happiest dream to have been one of the estimated half a million people who made it to this 3 day gathering of peace & music.  I'm obsessed with documentaries, images, memoirs, and recordings from Woodstock.  I highly recommend the documentary Woodstock, released in 1970.  it's 3 hours long and includes face melting guitar solos and hilarious documentation of the PA system being used to warn people about the brown acid that was going around.  the movie Taking Woodstock is a fictional take on the story and seems kind of ridiculous until you realize how close it lies to the true events.

so maybe today after work I'll go lay out in some grassy field with some round-rimmed sunglasses and blast some Janis Joplin on my iPhone.  I may not be able to go back in time but I can at least appreciate the peace, love & happiness that Woodstock created and pioneered for future generations.