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style crush: Rumi Neely

Anna KellerComment

I've been reading fashiontoast for a few years now, and it's safe to say the blog has been a rather formative influence on my closet and sartorial choices.  Rumi Neely, the smart and slightly wacky blogger behind the site, isn't driven by the same trends that seem to plague so many fashion blogs, and she embraces pajama shirts, leather shorts, and wedges of enormous proportions in neutrals that keep her from looking more chic than freak.  sure, she may wear more daytime metallics than Vogue would recommend, but isn't dressing kind of inappropriately what makes life fun?  and if we're now offending people by owning too many motorcycle jackets then I think we need to take a step back as a society.  Rumi seems to spend most of her time either wandering in waving fields of grain, stomping through the desert, or clutching a giant container of iced coffee in convenience stores.  maybe her life seems to be a poolside fairy party and I really want to be invited one of these days.

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