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kitty prep

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on Tuesday, my brother and I went to our local Human Society after work to scope out the kitties and see what is involved in the adoption process.  now that I'm living in a pretty sweet bachelorette pad I think I need a little friend to keep me company.  we went in to the visit rooms and there was one cat in particular who really stood out.  she was small and had a tiny little mew, and she immediately hopped down to check us out and play.  needless to say, it was love at first sight.  she is so small and friendly and has a little crazy look in her eyes and I couldn't stop thinking about her once we left.  after verifying with my landlord that a cat is A OK, I went by the center again on Thursday to start the adoption process, and today at 5 she will be mine!  I went to Pet Food Warehouse to stock up on all sorts of goodies.  this little kitty is going to be chic with her animal print toys and green green grass to chew on.  can you tell that I am so ready to be a kitty mom?!

I thought long and hard about whether or not I wanted to get a free kitten from my friends, but after visiting the shelter and seeing all of the older but still wonderful cats who had been dropped off and really needed a good home I got so sad.  everyone loves kittens, but it can be a struggle when the cat gets a little bigger and gets its own personality.  I think all animals can get along with the right human, though, and if you're in the market or just want to play with some really cute creatures, I recommend that you find your local Human Society and pay a visit soon!

Pookie needs a home!

Pookie needs a home!