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osheaga 2012

Anna KellerComment

and yet another year of Osheaga has come and gone too quickly!  3 days of music, dancing in the sunshine, drinking overpriced Buds and inhaling lots of secondhand smoke.  where there is no dress code but you'd better look good.  alas, it seems like more and more people discover this great festival every year.  this time there were too many people for my taste.  I couldn't get up close and personal with my favorite male guitarists without pushing a million drunk biddies out of my way.  le sigh.  I'm a fan of any place where I can see the Black Lips, Passion Pit, Snoop Lion (?), Fun., of Monsters and Men, Bloc Party, and so many other bands in one amazing place, but I really love a nice intimate & happy concert over a crowded and bitchy one.  day #1 & #2 were filled with sunshine, and we lounged by the pool at our hotel for a while before getting ready to dance like mad, but our sunbathing session on day #3 was interrupted by crazy rainshowers that continued on and off all day.  I now believe that a monsoon is the only appropriate setting to listen to the Shins' Port of Morrow album. 

until next year, Osheaga!