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DIY: pumpkin spice latte

Anna KellerComment

didn't it seem like everyone and her sorority sisters were posting instagrams of their pumpkin spice latte, grande, on the first day of September?  sure, those things are tasty, and it's great to celebrate the start of this very pumpkin-y season, but I still can't shell out $5 for some warm & spiced creation every time I crave this autumn staple.  what I can do, however, is make my own version at home with some fancy new equipment.

when I was down visiting my bestie at Yale, we were in desperate need of coffee every morning.  she's as economical (ahem, not cheap) as I am, and she whipped out her aerolatte milk frother to make us each a latte.  the results were delicious and made me imagine a world where I was not a slave to a barista.  I had the power to create my own frothy milk and espresso beverage.

for my creation, I just followed the instructions that came with the milk frother.  I'm sure that with some quick Googling you could make some even prettier/better.

  • fill 1/3 of a mug with any kind of milk and heat it in the microwave.  don't let it boil!
  • make a serving of coffee of your choice (I brewed pumpkin spice in my French press)
  • stick the frother in the bottom of the milk and go to town.  different beverages (cappuccinos, lattes, etc) all have different milk/foam/coffee ratios, so do as much as you would like
  • pour your coffee into the mug and sweeten with your sweetener of choice (I'm a yellow packet kind of girl).  you can even sprinkle some cocoa or cinnamon on top if you want to go the extra mile
  • the giant white mug is totally optional, but I bought two just for this event and I love them