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hooray -- I have a job!

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FINALLY, this girl is employed!  I signed a contract on Friday that gives me vacation days and the opportunity to do work that I am really excited about.  2012 was a long year of unemployment and then an internship, and while I was grateful to have that position, I've been so ready to start a real full-time position and have a little more ownership over my work for a few months now.  I don't start my new job for a couple more weeks, but already my shoulders feel way less tense and I can start to look at my bank account with a little less dread.


so of course, I felt the need to celebrate right away.  after work on Friday afternoon, I met up with my sister and her visiting friend and we partook in My Little Cupcake's 3 Sweet Treats event: 3 cupcakes paired with 3 dessert wines, all for $10.  I've been a fan of My Little Cupcake for a while, as their tiny & delicious cupcakes are the perfect little treat to get your sugar fix without falling into a food-induced coma.  I can never say no to a sweet wine either (I may or not keep a moscato in my fridge at all times), so this was the perfect way to start my very first weekend as an adult with a real job offer.


they hold this event every Friday starting at 5, and I have a feeling I may become a regular.  it wasn't too busy, and I love the concept of a little local bakery where I can get cozy and eat a cupcake or 3 with some wine.  


my little cupcake

217 college st    burlington, vt