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ballet I

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tonight I took my 2nd beginner ballet class.  my new, soft pink leather ballet shoes are starting to show their first signs of wear, and my hips are already aching. 

I took ballet for a few short months when I was about 5 years old.  I loved the class.  I was so happy putting on my black leotard and tying my hair with a pink bow, but then my mom enrolled me in a 1/2 ballet, 1/2 tap class.  I'm sure it was the only class that fit in with my school schedule, but I hated tap with a passion.  I despised the toe-ball-step combinations, but mostly I loathed my ugly, hand-me-down tap shoes with their frayed yellow ribbon and scuffed patent leather toes.  on the way to my third ballet-tap class, I threw a fit that I can still remember to this day.  I was screaming and holding on to the driver and passenger seats of our minivan and there was no way I was going in there and putting on those horrible shoes.

fast forward almost 2 decades, and I wanted to see if I could still point my toes and hop across a wood floor to a bright piano piece.  my local theater offers adult beginner ballet lessons, but they could not fit into my budget without a little help.  I like wine and occasional late night Sephora purchases a little too much to save up $175 and put it all towards such an endeavor.  thankfully, the class was a part of my Christmas present from my dad this year.

I went through a bit of an off-duty-ballerina phase when Black Swan came out, so I already had the leg warmers and black spandex to help me look the part.  however, no matter how smooth I made my hair bun, I was obviously a novice at the barre during my first class.

I was sore for a few days, but I practiced my little relevés and pliés, and when I returned to class today, I fumbled a little less and did my best to maintain some level of grace.  maybe if I had stuck with it when I was much smaller and if my thighs were a little less muscular I could vaguely resemble the lithe & elegant dancers in the Royal Danish Ballet performances that I fell in love with last fall.  alas, I will just have to focus on finding the perfect pair of white tights and not kicking anyone in the face during my next class.  

little steps, people.  little steps.