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Thursday inspiration

styleAnna KellerComment

as someone who wears almost exclusively grey, black, and navy blue, it may be surprising that I absolutely love the jewel tones and brilliant pops of color that J. Crew features in its catalogs each and every season.  maybe it's because I lived in Scandinavia for several dark & gloomy months, but I can only force myself into a salmon or emerald blouse when I really want to step outside of my comfort zone.   I suppose I could be persuaded to wear a tropical coral bikini if I were vacationing somewhere near the equator.  until then, I'm content with just looking at and appreciating the thought that goes into each and every hue at J Crew headquarters.

source - click on each image to enlarge

do you follow J Crew on Tumblr?  I love the behind the scenes posts and inspiration they post there.  definitely add it to your feed!