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eat: Pearl Street Diner

foodAnna KellerComment

Sunday.  it's brunch day.  

but in Burlington, there are only so many places that will serve you eggs and coffee past 12 pm.  a quick Yelp survey brought me only a couple of options last Sunday morning, but one restaurant stood out to me as somewhere that wouldn't be overrun and force me to wait more than 40 minutes for a short stack.

destination: Pearl Street Diner

we (3) only had to wait 7 minutes for a booth to open up around noon of a sunny Sunday afternoon.  it took us a while to peruse the multiple menu pages, and our waitress let us mull all of the delicious-sounding options before making our final decisions.  my brother ordered the Hungry Hipster special (eggs, bacon, homefries, pancake) as well as a short stack of french toast (she warned him that this was a lot of food but he had no problem with that), and my mom and I both opted a version one of their eggs benedict.  she got the traditional and I ordered the Popeye, which meant it had chopped, raw spinach underneath the poached eggs.  I'll be honest; my meal was not so good.  it was cold and had nowhere near enough hollandaise sauce on it.  raw spinach has no place in my brunch.  however, the french toast that my brother ordered was off the chain.  it was a little late arriving to our table so they comped it, but it didn't need to be free to taste so amazing.  

I'll be back.  it was very reasonably priced.  no frills but comfortable, which is really all I want when my eyes hurt and I need caffeine and cheese more than anything else in the world.



Pearl Street Diner

85 pearl st burlington, vt 05401