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Ireland: a photo diary

travel, photography, adventureAnna KellerComment

upon arrival, I could appreciate everyone's good nature and unfaltering love for the nation's good beer.  I could've married just about any male I encountered there.  show me a good time, a solid sense of humor, and a few cold ones, and I'm yours.

the Guinness storehouse is more of a beer-themed educational amusement park than brewery.  at the end of your intellectual journey, you have the knowledge of a brew master and get to enjoy a pint of the dark stuff overlooking a breathtaking view of Dublin.  

just an hour outside of Dublin, you really start to feel like this is a place of leprechauns and spirits.  the feeling is especially enhanced after a few pints of Bulmer's, the delicious dry cider that paired perfectly with every meal we had.

I can't believe that I've been sitting on this draft for over 3 months now. 

behold, the beauty + natural wonder of Ireland.