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a morning for blueberry pancakes

foodAnna KellerComment

if you follow chic or geek on instagram, then you've probably noticed a trend: on weekends, I make myself pancakes.  usually blueberry, sometimes topped with Cool Whip, other days, a fried egg or two (as pictured above).  here's a secret: I don't make these bad boys from scratch.  oh no, I buy a buttermilk mix from the store and just add water.  no organic or whole foods to start off my day, but I am able to whip them up in my pre-coffee delirium and be sitting on my couch with a cup of joe and Vogue in about 5 minutes.  and that's definitely worth something.

p.s. how cute is that tiny silverware?  for some reason, dessert forks are my utensil of choice.  don't judge; I'm a single lady living alone, and I can eat off anything I want to.