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girl crush: Alexa Chung

an ode toAnna KellerComment

'it' girl.  it's that overused term that denotes the je ne sais quois that certain effortless ladies have.  for some reason, it's easy for them to be funny, gorgeous, adorable, cheeky, and likable all at once, or at least it seems that way.  there are many it girls out there, and some have seemed to stand the test of time.  or at least, they've lingered in the part of my brain that I reserve for my girl crushes.  they're girls that I want to be, or just become best friends with, and one of my all-time favorite ladies is Alexa Chung.  I fell a little more in love with her during this new Breakfast with Bevan segment.  plus I saw her once on the street in NYC, so I will probably just always love her and her coolness forever.