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a treat

foodAnna KellerComment

I have a confession: I haven't gone grocery shopping in over two weeks.  well, I haven't actually purchased FOOD in two weeks.  I've stopped in to the nearest store for wine and cheese party supplies, but I don't have a single piece of produce in my fridge.  whatever, I'm OK with it, especially because it gives me a reason to stop into my favorite bagel place in Burlington, Feldman's, for an everything bagel, not toasted, with veggie cream cheese. yum.  that plus a small coffee is about $4, making it a small but oh-so-necessary treat.

I'm spending this weekend mostly in the office (shoot me, please), but with treats like these, I'm doing alright.  sleep in for me!  I'm envious of anyone with the opportunity to spend longer than usual in bed with a stack of magazines and a big mug of caffeine.