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a week of thanks

foodAnna KellerComment

this weekend I kicked off my own Week of Thanks.  Thanksgiving itself is still days away, but as most young adults know, you need a full week to fit in all of the social gatherings, marathon wine-drinking sessions, and eating that your family, friends, and significant other demand.  we're all stretched a little thin these days, and with snow storms, food allergies, and crazy uncles, the real meaning of Thanksgiving can often get lost.  however, I am fully committed to taking it easy, eating my little heart out, and taking plenty of naps over the next week, and I hope that you're lucky enough to do the same.  

for the Friendsgiving that I attended last weekend, I made this asparagus tart, courtesy of Martha Stewart.  it seemed easy enough, but I forgot that you have to let puff pastry thaw before you can start using it and had to improvise a bit.  for future reference, you can defrost it with a hair dryer and it will still puff up without a problem.  despite that setback, it was pretty and rather tasty, and I can definitely say that I've learned my lesson and will try to be a little more organized in the kitchen from now on.