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back in school, this weird period between Thanksgiving and Christmas barely existed.  it was a time for studying (er, cramming), paper writing, and drinking large quantities of really cheap wine while wearing an ugly but cozy sweater.  now, in the real, adult world, it's just business as usual this week, and the elusive idea of time off is a distant but tangible thing to look forward to.

my Thanksgiving was actually a lot of fun, full of food, wine (both Beaujolias nouveau as a nod to last year's Thanksgiving in Paris and mulled wine in honor of the Lithuanian one before that), and shooting things with my brother's air rifle in the woods.  because that's what Vermonters do.

my sister and I fueled up for Black Friday shopping with coffee, eggs, pancakes, and bacon at the Pearl Street Diner, and then I proceeded to spend $0 on clothes, electronics, etc. I did buy something off of the Dollar Menu for a snack later in the day and had a pint of Lagunitas Brown Shugga' at McGillicudy's - that shit is strong (9.99%) and delicious.  highly recommend it!

now I'm slogging through the week and counting down the days until I can have a little time away from work to spend with family and friends.  we're in the final stretch!