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a different Wednesday wine down

foodAnna KellerComment

Wednesday Wine Down (WWD) has been an integral part of my week for years. and I'm not even exaggerating.  

it all started with Drink's WWD, which gives you 4 wine samples, cheese, and bread, and includes a cupcake on the first Wednesday of the month, all for $12.

sometimes, me and different coworkers do WWD at our houses.  it's cheaper than doing it at a bar and we often drink and eat our little hearts out until we realize that it's 9 pm and we should probably go home to our kids/man (them) and cat (me).

this week, though, I got to do something new.  my friend purchased a Living Social deal (or something along those lines) for East Shore Vineyard, which has a tasting room on Church St in Burlington.  for $12, we each got a wine tasting trio and a bounty of tasty treats, which included a cheese of our choice.  it was a lot more food than we normally get at Drink, and I think the non-coupon cost is about $10 a person.  I'll definitely keep this in mind for future WWD opportunities - or any day of the week, really. I'm always down for some wine.

East Shore Vineyard Tasting Room

28 Church Street, Burlington VT 05401