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me, my cat, and a . . . book?

lifestyleAnna KellerComment

I love a good, quiet weekend.  mine was full of cat cuddling, laundry folding, Netflix viewing, a little bit of work, wine, and *gasp* reading!  I haven't read a book in about two years...I know, I know, this is shameful, especially since my job title includes 'writer.'  I'll read magazines and blogs all day, every day, but for some reason, the time and commitment that it takes to slog through a book has been deterring me from picking one up for the past few months.  I'm easing myself into it, though, with the book on which the wildly popular Netflix series Orange is the New Black is based.  so far, so good, and I can actually see myself reading it cover to cover.  maybe this is me rekindling my romance with books?  only time will tell.