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watch: frances ha

movieAnna KellerComment

this weekend, I was able to see a movie that has been on my must-watch for a while: Francis Ha.  starring Greta Gerwig as the 27 year old Frances who just can't figure life out, it's a pleasant enough flick about what it's like to be a 20-something trying to survive in NYC with its impossible to afford apartments, best friends who are practically the "same people but with different hair," and what it's like to flounder through life long after you'd thought you'd have it all together.

there was a lot to like about this movie.  it's entirely shot in black and white, Adam Driver looks better than he ever has on Girls, and it's a reminder that we're all in different versions of that in-between of not being a teenager or college kid, but also not being an adult with a reliable group of friends and family, a steady form of income, or a balanced diet.

I will say that the film made me uneasy more than a few times.  I, like most recent college grads, have flirted with the idea of heading to New York to try my luck and see if I can succeed with my skill set, whatever that may be.  it's fun to live on the edge, doing what you love, living paycheck to paycheck.  what's not fun is making small mistakes or going out for an extra dinner or two and suddenly realizing that you can't pay rent and that you are stuck in a bad place while everyone around you is getting serious boyfriends, raises, and hobbies that don't include binge drinking on week nights.  Frances, while lovable, is dumb and impossibly hard to watch for 40% of the movie.  you want to yell, 'don't!' so many times throughout the hour-and-a-half flick.  smarten up, girl.  the world is not a Woody Allen movie.

ultimately, the movie has a satisfying ending.  I finished it with the same feeling that I get whenever I pay my bills after I get my paycheck: this is real life, and while it sucks, you have to deal with it.  I just hope Frances keeps that idea in mind, too.

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