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pancakes and bacon.jpg

I cooked bacon for the first time ever.  as a former vegetarian, I think it's OK that I'm 23 and only finally getting around to cooking bacon with my pancakes on a Saturday morning.  paired with the cutest little jar of Bon Maman, this was one wonderful breakfast.

watching tv.jpg

I've developed a strange addiction to Say Yes to the Dress episodes on Netflix.  I've never had a really strong interest in weddings and all the planning surrounding such an event, but something about the intra-family drama and the dollar bills being dropped on some awfully tacky gowns.  this is the point when my cat intervened and said, NO MORE.


I guess I've been getting a little adventurous is the kitchen.  I made a recipe from Pinterest (which is not always a good idea, some dishes photograph a lot better than they taste) that required me to make a sardine paste: orecchiette with kale and breadcrumbs.

cat face.jpg

I don't think this requires an explanation.

chai tea.jpg

the best feeling is when you're craving some chai tea and then you find it stashed in your cupboard.  seriously, the best.


I've had brunch at the Pearl St Diner for the last 3 Sundays in a row.  I'm really digging its unpretentious vibe where you never have to wait for a table for more than 5 minutes.  

commuting in snow.jpg

it's unfortunate that I live so darn close to work.  when the rest of the office gets to work from home I have to trudge through the snow to sit at my desk, just because I don't have a good excuse not to.

the cheap way to buy local beer: a growlette (a smaller growler) from Fiddlehead.  yum.

getting takeout pho soup from M Saigon is kind of fun and really delicious -- they give you the ingredients individually and then you mix it up at home so it's fresh.


washi tape is taking my collages to a whole new level of unprecedented fun (woohoo).

what have you been up to lately?