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girl crush: Emmanuelle Alt

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whenever a picture of Emmanuelle Alt, the current Editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris, comes up in my Tumblr feed, I can't help but reblog it.  she is always the master of grungy-sexy-chic but never looks like she's trying too hard.  while I may not be able to maneuver cobblestone street in the perfect pointy black heels she is always wearing, I can definitely take styling cues from her by wearing not too tight pants with the perfect slouchy button-down tucked just right into the front.  she knows how to layer cozy grey staples like no other, and she may just be the reason my subconscious prefers to let my brunette hair go days between washings and spend too much time in the morning trying to get the right work-appropriate smoky-sexy eye combination (I rarely succeed).  only a rare few girls get to be a Voguette, but the rest of us can try our hardest to nail that je ne sais quois.

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