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on the need to cat nap

lifestyleAnna KellerComment

I think the best thing I've done for myself lately is give myself permission to nap where I want, when I want.

when I was in school, I was a stress-driven creature; I loved and thrived on it.  however, I was almost always sick and generally deeply unhappy.  plus, I was always so freaking exhausted.

lately, I've been busy doing fantastic, wonderful things.  drinking fancy drinks at Leunig's, going for crazy long runs in the sunshine, cuddling with my cat while I watch hours of a new TV show.  I've been getting so happy and excited about life that my brain just won't turn off and let me get a solid 8 hours of beauty sleep.  it's a problem, but I won't let it get in my way.

this is where the cat naps come in.  no, curling up on my couch and being slowly poked awake by my kitty is not my idea of a perfect afternoon.  maybe my back hurts a little when I wake up, but I'm not about to let a rigid schedule stop me from having a wonderful time.

now I just want to go back in time and let old me know that naps are not a waste of time.  also, morning people are nuts.