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treasure island | photo diary

adventure, photography, travelAnna KellerComment

my vacation is long over and I'm back in the tragic & cold north.  I'm praying that I was able to absorb enough vitamin D and tasty drinks to last me through to the end of May when it finally gets warm up here in Vermont.

a few things that I learned:

  1. warm weather packing is a million times easier than cold weather packing. 1 carry-on for 5 days, 2+ outfits/day?  doable.  
  2. Florida has craft beer.
  3. If it's chilly and windy, there's always the hot tub.
  4. I'm ambivalent about lobster.  Are my taste buds too refined?
  5. You can be friends with your cousins 12 years later and when everyone's all grown up.  Especially if you all like good beer.
  6. A sno-ball is good.  A sno-ball with tequila in it is even better.
  7. Go for a run on the beach every day and you'll be able to eat and drink to your heart's content and not gain a pound.