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roses, new kicks, & plenty of sunshine

lifestyle, photographyAnna KellerComment

Lately, I've had a lot of great ideas.

  1. bought myself flowers there is NO SHAME in wandering into the grocery store late at night and picking up wine, cleaning supplies, cat food, and a pretty bouquet of little orange roses for yourself.  and they were just $5!
  2. shopping I was just thinking to myself about how I desperately needed new running shoes and then BOOM a coupon for 20% off to City Sports appeared in my inbox.
  3. breaking in said shoes this weekend is gloriously sunny and warm.  perfect for trying out my new kicks!
  4. hiking + drinking beer + eating pizza the best part about summer outdoor activities is that you can totally justify eating lots of delicious wood-fired pizza and drinking plenty of local beer. 

I hope your weekend was wonderful, too!