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a cinematic confession

movieAnna Keller1 Comment

GUYS.  I have something I need to share with you.

I have never read The Great Gatsby and I find this to be incredibly embarrassing.  


there are so many reasons why this is a completely unacceptable thing for me to have not done.  first of all, the only short story that I can even recall reading in my high school Major American Lit class was A Diamond as Big as the Ritz.  I loved that story.  it is so lavish and wonderfully written in a way that completely held my attention in a way that Gossip Girl novels did, which is quite the accomplishment although I now see where my interests did and continue to lie.  so that actually jumpstarted my love for the great F Scott Fitzgerald and I've even read 80% of The Beautiful and the Damned and thoroughly enjoyed it.  so why not read this one?

also, I love the 20s more than perhaps the Owen Wilson character in Midnight in Paris. I wouldn't say that I suffer from overwhelming nostalgia for a different time, but I can't get enough of art deco, champagne-based cocktails, headbands and flapper dresses, and the sheer sense of opulence that we get from that decade.

the long-running hype for this coordinating movie has been overwhelming, and I can't deny that I haven't eaten every little bit of it up for months.  from the soundtrack, the Prada costumes, Tiffany's jewelry, to the Carey Mulligan-covered May issue of Vogue, I've spent entirely too much time appreciating the beauty that is so eloquently described in the novel (well, as I can only imagine since I haven't read it).  I even had a great time watching the Colbert Report's interview with Ms. Mulligan as she (jokingly, I assume) admitted that she had neither read the book nor read the script and Lavar Burton was brought in to tell her to just read it already.

this is the worst reason of all: I OWN IT.  my mom got me a special hardcover edition of it for Christmas, which I asked for because I wanted to read it before Hollywood ruined the story for me.

here is my internal debate: should I just read the darn book, and then go see the movie?  or spend a rainy weekday evening at the nearest theater, 3D glasses on, and ruin the mystery of the story?  

I'm dying to see Leo in action but want to start actually reading again...these are my problems.