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the eternal wisdom of SATC

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I will stand by the following statement until the end of time: I can relate every one of my problems in life back to an episode of Sex and the City.  whether it's about boys (or these days, man-boys), shoes, running into old friends I don't like anymore, credit card debt, professionalism (or lack thereof), booze, dealing with cancer, self-help books, or finding a place to spend a long weekend, I immediately think of a scene in which one or all of the fab four had to deal with it, with or without aplomb.  it's nice to know that your problems, no matter how devastating they seem at the time, has been shared by a well-dressed woman on HBO.  thank god I had the audacity to watch it on VHS tapes that I got from the library even though my mom thought me and my sister were too young to watch it back in the day, and if you'll excuse me, I'm going to have an SATC marathon on this obscenely rainy holiday weekend.