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summer scarves - a do?

styleAnna KellerComment

I can't be the only one who occasionally needs to grow a pair in order to try out a new look or accessory.  you must know the feeling: you see something awesome on a blog or in a magazine, then you run into a comparable version when you're out shopping, then you get all excited about it and decide that you're going to wear it to work/class/the beach the next day.  but then, when morning breaks and it's time to get dressed, you chicken out and go back to something tried, true, and comfortable.

it's a vicious cycle.

if an item is trendy, then I have trained myself not to give in and buy it just because it costs $9.80 on and it looks cute on the 13 year old who is modeling it. (mullet skirts, that means you)  however, I really want to try out more classic styles, such as the summer scarf.  lightweight, cute, and rather chic, it's a way to add a little flair to your look when you want to spend your days either naked by the A/C or in the deep end of a pool with a margharita perched on the edge of the pool deck.

so with my blog readers as my witnesses, I'm going to try this out.  who's with me?