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notes on a sunday

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well, after complaining about it being too cold and rainy for the last week, it is now sticky and too hot with intermittent thunderstorms and sun showers.  a weekend like this is meant for early morning runs, day drinking, and nights spent by the waterfront, and this kind of weather kind of prevents that level of fun from really happening. oh well.

in other news, I had baffles (waffles with little pieces of bacon) at my friend's drunk brunch birthday bash yesterday, and I'm shocked and amazed that it has taken me 24 years to eat this combo.  the only thing they could've used was a hearty coating of chocolate (it's happening next time).

I vacuumed under my couch for the first time in ages (shhh...) and found like 15 cat toys.  you're welcome, cat. 

the great city in which I live - BURLINGTON - got a shout-out in a recent edition of Marie Claire magazine.  they say you should stay at Hotel Vermont, learn to sail, and have a pot of tea and some snacks at Dobra Tea.  all of which are good ideas, but I would've included a few other things on my must-do list here.  two words: gravy fries.

as great as this place is, we NEED a movie theater that will show The Bling Ring, ASAP.  I need more Sophia Coppola/Paris Hilton/Emma Watson in my life NOW. 

finally, 39 days until Osheaga!  wooooohoooo.