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have you ever seen the movie Bachelorette?  I rewatched it this weekend, and while it's a kind of disturbing portrayal of the cattiness of young women these days, I think it's shockingly accurate.  it's like a grown-up version of Mean Girls, except with cocaine, strip clubs, and a fat, unsuspecting best friend who is just one of the victims of a few selfish individuals.  and while the message of the film is a little confusing, Kirsten Dunst's cold bitch of a character had a phrase that should've been the tagline used in all the marketing material: Fuck everyone.  at the end of the day, bitches are bitches, guys can be bitches, and life can very well be a bitch.  but you kind of have to deal with it, move on, and hope that someday life stops being like high school.  I don't think it will ever really happen, but you might as well have some fun on the way while stepping on as few people as possible on your way through life.

on that note, happy weekend!