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need/want | sofia coppola limited edition louis vuitton collection

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if you follow chic or geek on Pinterest or Tumblr, or, heck, if you've read the little about me blurb on my homepage, then you know that I immediately fall in love with anything that Sofia Coppola touches.  from Marie Antoinette to her ridiculously chic wardrobe of loafers and button downs, her aesthetic is absolutely perfect. 

normally, I'm not the kind of person to fawn over big label bags.  they become dated, passé, and overdone on many of the style blogs that I spend my time scrolling through.  (we get it - you have money and love handbags that you won't want to carry in 2 years.)  obviously, though, the exception are Sofia Coppola's line of limited edition bags with Louis Vuitton.

I swooned over these images when I first saw them on Katie Armour's blog The Neotraditionalist  (which you should totally check out if you don't already read it).  each bag is perfectly spacious, goes with anything, and that pop of color is a nice touch - it screams 'irreverent twist on a totally covetable instant classic,' right? 

sadly, as it goes with all things that cost more than my rent, this bag will only exist in fashion editorials and in the massive overstocked closets of the celebs Sofia featured in The Bling Ring