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oh, brunch, I love you so

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bloody mary at Leunig's

bloody mary at Leunig's

there is no meal that I love more than brunch.  I mean, can you blame me?  it's the perfect opportunity to pair fluffy buttermilk pancakes with bacon and a bottomless mug of coffee, as well as either champagne or vodka in your brunch-approved alcoholic beverage of your choice (and the one you choose depends on your own personal level of hangover, I presume).  so, imagine my excitement when, this weekend, I had not one but two opportunities to stuff my face with my weekend food of choice.  that's right; on Saturday I got up and met one of my BFFs-for-life who was in town for the weekend at the Arcadia Diner over on Rt. 2 in South Burlington for all the pancakes, bacon, orange juice, and one egg-over-easy that my heart could desire.  and, this morning, I found myself at Leunig's bistro here in Burlington in a slightly more upscale setting, where I feasted on a $6 Bloody Mary and Eggs Arcadia (a crab cake-y take on Eggs Benedict).  clearly, I'm living the dream.

-- in this food vein, have you checked out the fun site that lets you plug in the ingredients that you have on hand in your fridge and pantry?  check it out here: My Fridge Food 

-- and along this line, I want to make sure that you are all reading Sous Style's Male Monday feature, where the fabulous site interviews and photographs one fine piece of man meat every week while he dishes about his life and serves up one fine dish (it'll make you drool in more ways than one, wink wink