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a picture's worth a thousand words...

photography, an ode toAnna KellerComment

except, of course, when the picture is of Sofia Coppola's favorite things.  in this case, her words give a whole lot more meaning to this little collection of trinkets and memories. 

 "PINK PEONIES ARE my favorite flowers; they remind me of my mother's garden in Napa, where I grew up. She received the vase on her 40th birthday, a gift from some of the crew on Apocalypse Now; she gave it to me on my 40th birthday. The yellow Pelican camera case was a gift from the camera crew on my film Somewhere—I'd been introduced to them by the late cinematographer Harris Savides—and later they worked on The Bling Ring. It reminds me of Harris and my camera team. The photo cube was a gift from photographer Andrew Durham—it's got pictures of my daughter from a trip to Morocco and Portugal when she was a toddler. The Contax T3 is my favorite camera; I use it all the time to take snaps on-set. The sparkling wine, called Sofia, is from my father's winery. When I was a kid he told me he would produce a vintage for me when I turned 21. The Louis Vuitton cherries were part of a display at the Vuitton store in Los Angeles; when they were taking the display down I asked if I could have them. The photograph of Charlotte Rampling was a present from the photographer Helmut Newton, whom I love. I'd written a piece about the image for Vogue, and he sent it to me after he read it. The framed artwork at right (with the words "Cold Beer Beautiful Girls") is by Ed Ruscha; I'd borrowed it to use on the set of Somewhere and ended up buying it. I've loved Steiff bears since I was a child. My husband gave me this one years ago. Now it's in my kids' room. I love that I have an excuse to buy more of them." -- WSJ