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music monday

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last week, I became almost unhealthily obsessed with the song Pumpin Blood by NONONO.  like, one morning at work I listened to the group's LP on repeat for over three hours.  that's a long time to listen to any one group, even these Swedes.  I recommend watching the video, as there's plenty of Scandi-dancing (lots of arm movements and generally nonsexual, which is a breath of fresh air in this Miley-filled world and something that I greatly miss from my time abroad there) and a bunny rabbit.

in other general music news... 

  • the group CHVRCHES (which chose its name based on its unique SEO* value, and as an SEO professional myself, it makes me like them even more) is releasing their first album today.  I've been listening to The Mother We Share for months and months, and was so happy to finally hear their full-length album over on NPR First Listen here.
  • Icona Pop is releasing a new album this week!!! I love IT, I mean, them, and I can't wait to hear a full-album that is sure to keep me awake at my desk long after 3 on.  Fun fact: Icona Pop and NONONO both hail from Stockholm and work with the same producer.

happy listening! 

*SEO - Search Engine Optimization.  I have to explain it to people alllll the time.  'oh, what do you do?' 'I'm an SEO copywriter.' '...???' 'Google.  I write for Google.'