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observations by Alice Gregory

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I regularly read the beauty site Into the Gloss for many reasons.  for one thing, it's overflowing with gorgeous shots of beautiful people and their overflowing but still extremely chic medicine cabinets, and for another, I hope to learn a trick or two to help me in my ongoing quest to be just a little bit fabulous/cool/pretty.  sometimes, though, Emily Weiss and her crew interview a babe who makes some points that just resonate with me.  last week, the site introduced me to Alice Gregory, a writer based in Brooklyn, NY, and I basically want her to be my best friend/life coach. 

on writing non-fiction:  

None of my writing is fiction, which makes it easier. I actually have assignments, a job to do, and a deadline. I could never be a fiction writer because, not only could I never make anything up, but I also couldn’t just tell myself, ‘Oh you have three years to make up an entire universe.’ I like deadlines.

on the constant source of distraction that is the internet:

I’m always trying to find ways to regiment myself. Like, I recently downloaded an app called Freedom, which disables your Internet for a period of time, so you can’t get distracted. But, if I need to Google things for work, I like the Waste No Time browser, which you can personalize. For example, if I go on Twitter, it says: ‘Shouldn’t you be working?’

on getting dressed: 

I know it’s the feminist line to say, ‘I wear makeup and get dressed for myself and not for men and not for other people,’ but I don’t find it to be true for me, personally. Because if I’m not going to see a person all day, I would never wear makeup and I would never get dressed—I pile my hair up, put my glasses on, and brush my teeth.

on lipstick: 

In general, though, lipstick is funny to me. There’s an Andy Warhol quote where he’s talking about his Marilyn Monroe paintings, and says something about how Marilyn Monroe is not kissable but she’s photogenic. And I feel like that’s at the heart of all makeup, especially lipstick. You either admit to the world that you’re just a normal person who eats sandwiches and has a boyfriend that you’re going to kiss goodbye, or you want to pretend to be a little bit famous. It looks good from a distance but it’s not livable at all; it comes off on you and on other people.

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