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watch | Dance Academy

Anna KellerComment

if you checked out my Netflix history right now, then you'd immediately see that I've been watching an almost shameful amount of Dance Academy this weekend.  I'm obsessed with this Australian dance drama, and while it's clearly geared towards teens, I can't help but get absorbed in the show's petty fights, constantly changing couples, wide array of dance outfits, and, above all, the moves themselves.  even though I am very, very novice ballerina, I can't help but stand up and practice barre moves along with Tara, Kat, Angelina, and the crew.  they're inspiring and incredibly talented, plus it takes place in Sydney, so I almost feel like I'm getting vitamin D just by watching the show.

you can catch seasons 1 and 2 on Netflix now!  but if you get addicted, don't blame me.

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