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photography: an antarctic expedition

art, photography, historyAnna KellerComment

since we're experiencing Antarctic-like temperatures in Burlington today, here's a little bit of photography/history fun for you.

the Antarctic Heritage Trust recently announced that they discovered almost two dozen 100-year-old photo negatives that appear to be relics from the 1914 - 1917 Ross Sea Party expedition.  I think that the results are stunning, and it's fascinating to see what today's science and technology can recover from the past.

see more images and learn about the expedition and restoration process here.

in the mood for more chilly art?  check out the magnificent work of Zaria Forman, who is drawing enormous pastel oceanscapes and icebergs pieces.  see more here

I swear I'm not super bitter about winter - I do love snow, after all - but this extreme weather and miserable conditions just aren't as fun now as they were when I was a kid and had snow days, snow pants, and zero responsibilities.  I'm not the only one who feels this way.