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Good morning, Kate Bosworth ( source )

Good morning, Kate Bosworth (source)

I am notoriously NOT a morning person.  I wake up at a completely unacceptable time given my age and proximity to work, and I know it's a problem (and I'm working on it).  however, this morning, I shocked both my cat and myself by waking up at a reasonable hour, making some coffee, checking my email, and hitting the gym, all before my 11 am brunch date with my mom.  can we turn back the clocks every weekend?

my actual pre-brunch breakfast this morning.

my actual pre-brunch breakfast this morning.

sleeping in and having a leisurely morning with a big mug of coffee and a decadent breakfast is my dream every day, and I relish turning that fantasy into a reality when the weekend rolls around.  getting up and hitting the treadmill will never be a part of my regular Sunday routine (as nice as it was to do so today), and I'd much rather hang out with my cat/roommate/boyfriend/whoever happens to be around in a pair of Pinterest-worthy (and cheap!) pj sets.  below, I did a little online shopping roundup of some of the cutest and most comfortable-looking affordable jammies from my usual girl-on-a-budget haunts.  enjoy!

Good morning, Karlie Kloss ( source )

Good morning, Karlie Kloss (source)

coffee and the Sunday paper ( source )

coffee and the Sunday paper (source)

why even leave bed to eat? ( source )

why even leave bed to eat? (source)

my actual morning ritual ( source )

my actual morning ritual (source)