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me | new year's resolutions

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'tis the season for making open declarations regarding our flaws and shortcomings, and what exactly we plan on doing about them in the new year. it's not my style to make super specific or overly optimistic resolutions, but I do have a few goals for myself for 2015.

1. be on time - or even early! - more often than I am late.
2. be more intentional with my internet perusing and tv viewing. I have plenty of time to get everything that I need and want to done, but I need to focus on not wasting my evenings and weekends.
3. be proactive and take care of myself, whether that be by having conversations with friends that aren't passive aggressive, or by making that haircut appointment 6 weeks from my last one, and not 6 months.
4. take one exercise class a week. going on the elliptical with a Vogue regularly is certainly nice and relaxing, but it's not exactly challenging or changing my body.
5. complain a little less. if I can change something, then I'll change it. if not, I'll bitch about it a little tiny bit, then try and move on from it.

what are your resolutions for 2015?

& happy new year!